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Our family show, Where’s My Igloo Gone? has been touring the UK since November last year, to fantastic audience responses, and it’s is now coming to an end…

Come and catch Oolik – while you can!

Oolik is an ordinary girl who goes on an extraordinary journey…

Sitting in her igloo, a drop of water falls on her head. Then another! Is her home melting? Join Oolik as she sets out on a journey to find help. On her way she meets some exciting friends – including YOU!

Journey into a dazzling, Arctic world of soaring snow geese, pet husky dogs and starry nights. And the kind of cold that makes your skin tingle! Travelling through snowstorms, across oceans and into our hearts, Oolik is not the kind of girl to give up on her quest…

With enchanting live music, it’s a fun, magical experience for all the family, showing that when we work together, anything can happen!

“Truly magical. Children’s theatre at its best”   Sarah Fisher, Children & Families Education Officer, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

“A wonderful show for kids and grown ups to make us talk and think about climate change and what we might do”   Frances Land, Black Country Touring

“Great work for young audiences”  Neil Reading, Arena Theatre

Check out our trailer here!

If you’d like to see this trailer with BSL / captions, please look here.

And here is where we’ve been travelling to…


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We collaborated with experts in climate change and social psychology – Professor David Hannah (University of Birmingham) and Dr Kris de Meyer (King’s College, London) to weave scientific knowledge into a compelling narrative with dynamic interactive activities, engaging audiences with climate change in a refreshing new way.

We want to show that when people work together, real change can happen!

The show is highly visual and the characters speak ‘iglooish’, a made up language. Last year, we worked with the wonderful  Caroline Parker MBE,  Longwill School for the Deaf and Greet Primary School, to help us make the show accessible to deaf and EAL (English as an Additional Language) audiences. This year, we’re working with Richard Hayhow (Open Theatre) so that we can offer Relaxed Performances.

This year, we have also been commissioned to make a special installation, ‘We’re all cool’ (working title), working with Professor David Hannah and Dr Nick Mount (University of Nottingham) to transform climate change data into an interactive game. More details to follow…

Check out the project’s own website at for more information.

The show is co-produced by our partners mac birmingham and Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton. We are also grateful for the support of Arts Council England, University of Birmingham, the CATH project, The Barry Jackson County Fund, The Feeney Trust and The Grimmitt Trust.

Where’s My Igloo Gone? is part of…. The Igloo Project….

Igloo_ISANThe Igloo Project is grounded in science, powered by the imagination. It started as a captivating vision: an igloo in a summer landscape. We explored igloos and Inuit culture. We became interested in climate change. We decided we wanted to make exciting, innovative performance that would really get people thinking…

The project has 2 strands at present: Where’s My Igloo Gone? a small-scale touring family show, which focuses on character and interactive storytelling and Ice People, an interactive walkabout.

On 5th December 2015, the Ice People appeared on the streets of Paris as part of ArtCOP 21  (More details here.)  

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