The Bone Ensemble

Company Profile

The Bone Ensemble was founded in 2002 by Adam Ledger and Jill Dowse, who have more than 50 years’ experience (between them!) in creating new work and making unusual things happen in unusual spaces, from piazzas in Denmark to castles in Austria, from canals in Stoke-on-Trent to a touring caravan. We also work in theatres, galleries, schools and arts centres. Creating meaningful encounters with our audiences is at the heart of what we do.

Our core values are:

• A commitment to high quality new work that is thought-provoking,  risk-taking, and which seeks a meaningful encounter with those who experience it.

• Dedication to ongoing training and professional development in order to challenge and expand individual and ensemble practice.

• A continued questioning of existing patterns of working processes and performance.

  • A commitment to a rigorous and thoughtful creative process

The company works on a project-by-project basis and has secured funding from numerous sources, including Arts Council England and local authorities.

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